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The ACFA is a pillar in the community of Legal. Starting in July of 1926, they have been serving Legal faithfully for more than ninety years!

Alberta’s French-speaking population is growing and contributing to Alberta’s increased diversity, furthering Alberta’s attractiveness as a destination for interprovincial migration, immigration, tourism, and investment. The French Policy recognizes this and represents a historic step for the province.

In addition to meeting its current constitutional and statutory obligations, the Government of Alberta is making the commitment to enhance the development and delivery of services in French in ways that are practical and meaningful for Albertans.

This is not about making the province bilingual. It is about ensuring that government is responsive in considering the needs of Alberta’s largest language community after English, and one of the fastest growing. It is also about recognizing our province’s history, our country’s commitment to the two official languages, and building upon a meaningful and collaborative relationship between the Government of Alberta and Alberta’s French-speaking communities.