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About Us

Stephen Sicoli Financial Advisor  lives near Legal, in a rural acreage not far from Vimy. He works with people locally as well as in Edmonton, Calgary, and other parts of Alberta through the use of teleconference apps like Zoom and Teams. 

Stephen offers different financial services from insurance and wealth management to estate planning and debt management. His top priority is saving people money on essential services while helping people protect and build a legacy. 

His journey in this business began in 2019, after seeing a huge need for better financial education and services in this industry, especially in rural areas. He has since then moved into the rural areas to help people that don’t have as much access to services as those in the city. 

Stephen notes “The big banks typically look after their own interests and often put people in areas that they shouldn’t be”. His goal is to educate the public so they know their options and what will be the best fit for them and their families. The best thing about this organization says Stephen, “is ability to take the time and patience to make sure all my clients understand what they are doing in their financial plan, and why they are doing it that way. I make sure that they don’t leave anything to chance and that nothing is overlooked.” 

Stephen also places a big emphasis on giving back to the community, as a member of the Legal & District Chamber of Commerce and Vimy Lions Club. Stephen Sicoli Financial Advisor hosts a series of financial webinars and information sessions, as well as, partners with different organizations to provide valuable information on the financial systems we have in Canada. 

For more information on these webinars please contact Stephen. “Stephen Sicoli Financial Advisor is a business that helps families and individuals get excited about their future and teaches them how to get there.”

For a FREE financial consultation please contact Stephen at; 780-266-8466.