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Legal & District Chamber of Commerce

Local Sports & Recreation Grant

The LEGAL & DISTRICT CHAMBER OF COMMERCE SPORTS AND RECREATION GRANT is designed for sports teams & recreational groups operating within the Town of Legal. Funds for the grant are established through business advertising within the Legal Arena. The amount of grant funds available to groups will be dependent on the amount of funds collected from the annual advertising sales.

We thank the following sponsors for making
the Sports & Recreation Grant possible:

Criteria for the Local Sports & Recreation Grant

  • The Grant is available to all sports and recreational groups within the town of Legal.
  • Grant funds must be used for the benefit of the entire league and not individual players or teams
  • Grant funds can be utilized for the purchase of equipment, uniforms and/or sponsorship for training clinics required to meet the needs of the group or league team.
  • Equipment and/or uniforms purchased with the Grant shall remain in the possession of the group or league and cannot be given to players/members.
  • Grant funds must be used within one year from receipt, and followed by an accounting of expenditures. 
  • Copies of invoices/receipts must be submitted to the Funding Committee

Application Dates for the Local Sports & Recreation Grant

Grant application deadlines are as follows:

  • March 31 for all spring and summer programs (i.e. soccer, ball)
  • October 31 for all winter programs (i.e. hockey, volleyball, karate, ringette)


Applications outside these dates will be considered pending the next intake of applications.


The initial maximum amount of funding that can be requested cannot exceed $1500.00. The available funding to groups will depend on the number of grant applications submitted as well as the total funds collected from advertisment sales. 

Application Forms and Attachments

Application forms are available on this website, at the bottom of this page.

The following attachment is required to be submitted with your fully completed Grant application (if applicable):

  • Most recent reviewed or audited financial statement presented to Alberta Registries detailing income and dispersal of funds and assets.

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Grant Application Form