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Did you know that your local Co-op also offers bulk propane supply and delivery? Farmers across Western Canada are choosing Co-op Propane as their trusted propane supplier. Co-op provides propane for various agricultural applications, including barn/space heating, grain drying, home heat, vehicles and propane-powered engines for irrigation systems.

So why choose Co-op?

  • Co-op Propane is committed to providing a seamless experience for our members, starting with a full-service installation package including permits, utility line locating and trenching. Co-op also offers free competitor tank switch-outs for members. Dedicated to reliable delivery, Co-op offers customers flexible delivery plans that work best for them: from scheduled deliveries to automated tank-monitoring systems that track inventory levels to determine delivery demands.
  • Co-op Propane ensures that members receive competitive pricing on propane supply and service.
  • Most importantly, each purchase you make with Co-op contributes to your annual cash back and equity
  •  Regardless of the job size or application, Co-op Propane will work with you to find a bulk storage tank that fits your needs. Sizes vary from 500 or 1,000-gallon tanks, most commonly used for small buildings such as houses, to 2,000-gallon tanks required for large-scale facilities or operations.
  • As a member, you can schedule your bulk propane delivery through one of our Region Offices or on the online bulk delivery order form found on the Co-op CRS app.
  •  Did you know that your local Co-op also offers bulk propane supply and delivery? Farmers across Western Canada are choosing Co-op Propane as their trusted propane supplier.  


Grain Drying With Propane has become a more popular practice, as it reduces field losses since farmers can harvest earlier. A dryer in the system may also make it feasible to straight-combine other crops. When tough or damp grain is harvested and not dried, long-term storage frequently results in grain spoilage. Proper drying and aeration in storage can reduce or eliminate spoilage caused by hot spots and insect infestations. For large-sized crops where grain needs to be dried, fuel efficiency becomes an important factor. Propane is a clean-burning, reliable and efficient energy source that farmers can depend on to prepare tough and damp grain for long-term storage.

  • Quality Control: Grain drying mitigates the risk of crop loss from weather and wildlife, as well as allows for increased longevity of storage times, which contributes to overall reduced yield loss.
  • Cost Efficient: Today’s high-efficiency propane grain dryers use approximately half the amount of fuel compared to older systems. As a clean-burning fuel, propane has much lower maintenance costs than traditional fuels.
    • Did you know? New propane grain dryers use 1,650 BTUs to remove a pound of water compared with older technology that takes as many as 3,500 BTUs.
  •  Widely Used: More than 80 per cent of today’s grain dryers run on propane with the benefits of lower operating costs, ease of storage and portability.
  •  Reliable: Never worry about running out! Co-op offers tank monitoring to ensure you have propane when and where you need it. 


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